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Motivational For Success: Don't Quit! 4 Things You Need To Know

We all need an extra push from time to time, rather you are trying to meet a deadline for work, a student preparing for exams, or just someone who is struggling with life advertises. We immerse ourselves in thought with desirable outcomes, in hope that the effort we put in is enough to satisfy it, but for some, as quick as we dedicate ourselves to the discipline needed for our goals to be complete we give up with regret. In a society, where instant gratification is magnified and hard work doesn't exist unless it's measurable by peers, we say to you "Don't Quit." So let us get started in discussing 4 major components that are needed in accompanying you throughout your journey of success. 

Be Hungry 

Motivational speaker Les Brown talks about being persistent and not giving up on your goals. Having the determination to not give up on the 1 yard line. If it's success you want, and you are hungry for it, you have to do whatever it takes until you are full. Set aside distractions that may deter you from the importance of you making your goal and becoming successful. 

Change Your Mindset 

Often we get into a mindset of defeat, thinking we have done enough. It's never enough until you have reached your goal. Henry Ford quoted saying " Whether you think you can or think you cant, you're right." This is an excellent example of the power of your mindset, believe in things that will empower you. Believe that you can and will, then watch the manifestation process take flight. The mindset of you taking the action to progress towards your goal is progression itself. Free yourself from mental bondage, rise up from mental anguish and step forward into the positive mindset needed for success.  

Invite The Pain

In the process of changing your mindset you will enter the transitional stage. In order for transition to take place you will be met by some form of resistance. For some this may be a great hurdle, cutting off distractions that facilitate your old way of thinking. In doing so this may cause problematic issues , in which you will overcome if you choose to not quit on your goal. Prepare for this, don't be scared of it ,this brief turbulence will usher in the greatness you were waiting on. 

Don't Quit! 

If you have a passion, fight for it, if you have a goal you do whatever required to meet it, It's possible. Many success stories that we read about it, succeeded after multiple fail attempts. Why would you quit? If you are hungry and discipline enough to sacrifice it all to meet your goal, why would you quit?  Motivational speaker Eric Thomas was in front of a classroom and stated " Most of you won't be successful because when you studying and get tired, you quit!"  "Don't cry to give up, cry to keep going!" " You are already in pain, you already hurt, get an reward for it. " Eric amongst many motivational speakers who sought after success and obtained it, drills in the point to never give u.

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