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4 Steps To Take To Start Believing In Yourself Today

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

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1. Identify the "why"

Most people are impatient with themselves. They want the end results—the six-pack abs, the accolades, and more unnecessary things to brag about. Why? Can you identify why need or want these things?

It’s easy to dream big, but without the question of why, you will have not identified your purpose. Why do you want to meet this particular goal? Why do you think you are chosen to make a difference in the world? Why should you be in this position to ignite change? You have to identify the why first, and if you don't whole heartily believe in your why, you can't fully believe in yourself. Some people will dream about things and never take the action to put them in motion, because they can't identify the "why." Take steps to identify your why because this is the foundation of everything else to come.  

2. "Believing in yourself is your magic."

When you take the small steps to believe in yourself, your idea and thoughts will manifest into existence. When you have dedicated yourself, and obtained the discipline to say "I'm going to do what it takes to be successful" you have sparked the ignition of belief. 

I personally spent years of trying to place myself into a society that wasn't agreeable with my outcomes, but it wasn't until I found purpose of life, purpose of what I could contribute to other lives did I actually ignite the motivation needed to carry on. 

3. Surround yourself with believers. 

It's true, great minds think alike, like minded people enjoy their own company. So use this to your advantage. Surrounding yourself with positivity, and people of common goals will help restore, or strengthen belief in yourself. Studies have shown that you are a much happier and successful person when you have the approval of peers. Your peers can challenge you to soak up more information needed for life advancement, leading to a sense of overall empowerment.  

4. Visualize your positive outcomes. 

"There have been many studies done on the virtues of visualization and imagery and it has shown to be an effective way to help boost self-confidence. In the same way that world-class athletes visualize their performance before competitions, we can visualize positive situations."

Visualization can be helpful for preparing for future outcomes, but also for reflecting on past outcomes. Thinking of a past outcome where you had more self confidence, or self awareness could get you through a current rough patch of doubt and uncertainty. Push past this discomfort, and you will use this experience as another lesson for empowering yourself even more.  

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