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About Tony

My mission is to help others live a more healthier & enjoyable life. Together we can put an emphasis on preventable care with positive affirmations to give back control over your own health. 

What qualifies me to help you jumpstart your journey?

      AFPA Certified In Holistic Nutrition

      Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

      Bachelor In Sports Science & Fitness                Management

      Master Degree in Nursing

      Practicing Vegan, We are in this together

Born and raised in a small town I noticed the pattern of poor diet choices, and lack of stress management that plagued my community. I've been a travel nurse for the past 7 years in various settings, and had the honor to meet wonderful people throughout my journey. Recently I took on my new role as a Family Nurse Practitioner to make positive changes in my society. I noticed the gaps in healthcare weren't only in my community but all over.These issues give me a new sense of purpose. ​

Building trusting, professional relationships with my clients is important to me. Taking the time to make each experience personable to each individual is rewarding. 

Preventable healthcare is priority to me, treating the individual in a holistic way is one of the reasons I became a Nurse Practitioner. I am willing to address your sleep patterns, eating habits, and your stress management. 

I also have an overwhelming interest in helping people prepare for their new role in healthcare. Whether that be LPN, RN, or NP I welcome you to this rewarding profession. As I have done for many in the past I will share resources to guarantee your success along your journey. I offer consultation & other services for many students. 

Thinking about travel nursing? Let me help you with your concerns. I have been traveling a great deal, and can even help you with the negotiation of your contract. Don't let your first assignment be your last assignment. 

Thank you 

Peace & Love. 

Meet Tony

*Please See Disclaimer listed at bottom of page

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Digestive Wellness

Motivational Encouragement

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination Diets

Stress Management


NCLEX & AANP Preparation

Coursework Assistance 

Travel Assignment Prep

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