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Quick Four Step Detox.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Although our routines may have varied over the last couple of months, see how you can get a quick detox in to restore balance.

With different times amongst us, and things can get very interesting when we are starring in front of our favorite dish. If you’re anything like millions of regretful people, you’re wondering how to quickly shed the extra pounds acquired from eating leftovers throughout the weekend. It may be time for a mini detox – dedicating a recovery day to a low-calorie diet. Take a day out of this week to follow these simple steps to restore your body and get rid of that heavy feeling.

1. Drink water.

Water is a major key. Add a lemon or cucumber, and this mixture can help de-bloat your tummy from all the delicious-yet-carb-heavy foods you’ve enjoyed over the holiday break.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Let go of the pancakes, eggs and bacon today. Instead, reach for some fruit to help satisfy your breakfast.

3. Workout.

Exercise is another major key. Throw a little cardio into your morning mix. Not only will it help restore your body, but it’ll boost your energy before work. If you’re feeling bloated and heavy after the holiday, it’s easy to feel a bit sluggish at work. Try a few jumping jacks or a quick jog to start your day.

4. Have a light lunch and dinner.

Plan for something light and low in calories for lunch and dinner, as well. You don’t want to add to the heavy feeling by grabbing a greasy burger and fries for these meals. Try a salad for lunch and maybe a veggie burger with vegetables for dinner. Be sure to accompany both meals with water and, perhaps, have an apple or another favorite fruit for a snack in between your meals.

After the holidays, most of us want to go on a strict and laborious diet. But, with the aforementioned steps, detoxing doesn’t have to be so hard. Give it a try and see how you feel! Comment below to share your experiences. 

  • Always consult your primary care doctor if you have serious medical conditions before detoxing.

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