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6 Ways to combat work related stress. Find out how?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

6 ways to combat work related stress

Work related stress can become a thorn in your side, or in some cases a sword in your spleen. No matter what it may actually feel like, you are actually amongst 75% of Americans who report physical symptoms due to work. With work stress on the rise here are some steps to help combat work stress. 


Don't be a hero. By trying to go over and beyond you increase the risk of burning out. Instead of trying to tackling the pile of work and complaining about how much you have to do, politely but firmly communicate with your superiors that you've reached your limit and can't handle additional assignments at the moment. 

Say no to being a perfectionist. Breathe in and out, you don't have to tackle on every assignment by yourself because you think you are the only one to do the job correctly. Now say it with me, "delegate." Trying to channel your inner perfectionist can lead to an overwhelming feeling. Find small task or projects that you can hand off to others to help, and don't freak out when its not done exactly your way. 

Think about tomorrow. Remember that this day will pass as the rest. Whenever there are good days prepare for the bad ones, and when you have bad ones prepare for the good days up ahead because they are sure to come. 

Step away.Our natural inclination when we’re feeling the pressure of a deadline is to push harder. But after a while all that pushing doesn’t lead to better focus—or better work. The best thing you can do then is is step away from your desk to recharge and regenerate. Take a short walk, sit in the park across the street for 30 minutes or meditate. The break is key is to sharpening your mind.

Check in with loved ones.When we’re stressed, we’re tempted to shut out friends and families so we can turn all of our attention to the work and get caught up. And while spending time with people who can’t help you finish a big project may seem like a luxury, but it’s exactly the type of interaction you may need most. The emotional support is invaluable, and they just might have a helpful perspective you haven’t considered.

Stick to your routines.Don’t let work-related stress cause you to ignore your non-work routines: exercising, getting a spa treatment or hanging with your social network. You might not be able to do all of your rituals, but find a way to do one of them. Resist the temptation to skip activities outside of work.Your health and emotional well-being are more important than anything on your desk. 

Do these steps work for you? Have some techniques that aren't listed?

Click comments and share with us.  

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